Wide Classic Carder

The wide Classic Drum Carder is an ideal carder for fibre craft artists who prefer working with a wide batt measuring 30cm x 58cm. The 4 ply card cloth has long pins and can produce a batt weighing over 100g. The length and height of the wide carder is the same as the standard Classic Carder – 50cm long and 22cm high. The width is 55cm with the handle out for use and 50cm with the handle folded for storing.

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  • Cloth available in 72 and 120 tpi
  • Solid wood frame in ash
  • Cards over 100g
  • Wide batt – 30cm
  • Surface speed ratio 17:1 – drum ratio 4.5:1
  • Adjustable drum
  • Long pins
  • Folding handle
  • Comes with doffer and table clamps and full instructions
  • Two year guarantee


  • 22cm high (9″)
  • 50cm long (20″)
  • 50cm wide with handle folded(20″)
  • 55cm wide with handle out for use (22″)
  • Batt size 30cm x 58cm (12″ x 23″)