Jumbo Wide Classic Carder

The Jumbo Wide Classic Carder is the largest carder in our range and will produce a batt weighing up to 150g (5.3oz) when used with a Finishing Brush and Secondary Brush. All Classic Carders use the difference between the drum speeds (ratio) to card, allowing the fibre to be gently separated over the storage drum pins and as they do not mesh they are not harsh on delicate fibres.

This means that there is very little friction and the handle turns very easily. There is more momentum in the larger carders making them just as easy to turn as the standard carders.

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  • Quality 4 ply 72 and 120 tpi in pale blue
  • Spiral strip, straight pin licker-in
  • Interchangeable drum system
  • Solid ash frame
  • Cards a batt up to 150g (5.3oz) when used with a Secondary Brush–820mm (32”) in length. Card cloth width is 285mm.
  • Ratio 4.5:1 surface Speed Ratio 17:1
  • Adjustable drum
  • Folding handle
  • Handle clears the table – the carder does not have to be used on the table edge.
  • Comes with doffer for removing the batt and table clamps
  • Full instruction and a two year guarantee


  • Material – Ash
  • Length – 585mm(23”)
  • Width – 505mm (20”) the handle folded and 555mm (21.5”) handle out for use.
  • Height – 315mm (12.5”)
  • Weight – 9.4kg (20.7lb)